Create innovative apps to solve LA's community challenges!

Following Los Angeles’ election of our new mayor, the hackathon offers government agencies, businesses, nonprofits and civically engaged individuals the opportunity to work together to move into a new era of solving complex social problems through technology innovation. We are beginning the process of building a civic hacking movement here in Los Angeles, and this is our first event.  We have multiple categories and challenges that you can respond to at the local and federal level.  We are looking for innovative apps and ideas that address community issues and make use of open data.

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Any participating team registered through the Hack for LA challengepost site with a leader who is over 18 can enter the challenge.  You must have an idea, functional overview, and at minimum technical specifications and some coding completed to enter for prizes.  Any participating team can post and idea and overview to this page.  All prizing is up to the judges and at the discretion of organizers and sponsors. No submission can win more than 2 prizes!


You must present an overview of your Hack for LA civic application, which should include the goals for the application, how it relates to the community needs of Los Angeles, which specific prize (if any) you are applying for, and the code you've created during the weekend, as well as any visual materials or other backup documents. We encourage mobile app submissions but any platform or software is acceptable.


Hack for LA Judges Team

Hack for LA Judges Team
Hack for LA

Judging Criteria

  • Originality of the idea and potential impact on Los Angeles
    Apps will be judged based on their originality and creativity as well as their potential impact on the community and the challenges we face here in Los Angeles.
  • Clear articulation of the idea
    Teams will be judged on their ability to clearly articulate the details, goals, data, and process they used in development of their submission.
  • Technology used in the submission
    Judges will rank submissions based on the technologies and platforms used as well as the extent and quality of coding completed during the weekend.
  • Feasibility and appeal
    Judges will consider the feasibility of implementation and likelihood of adaption and use by the Los Angeles community.